"MASK Center" concept was born in 2007 created by "SCI Du Club 27",
ii includes a forum to talk about MASK and a shop dedicated to MASK universe only.

The story

  •  2007 - The biggest french toys forum  "Collectors" close and lot of fans became alone. MASK Center forum is born and bring all MASK fans together. 
    SCI Du Club 27 and Trakkerdams  build the forum which will become a French reference.

    A real succes that generate lot of demands on toys. We make a sale and trade section on the forum.

  • 2010 - Demand increases but toys become rares and prices grow up, as real big MASK fan,i have tons of double on stock... I'm starting to check and invotory all i have and i try to help lot of fans all other the world, this is the beginning of MASK Center Shop.

  • 2010 - MASK Center Shop is based on OS Commerce software.
    Starting to manage stock and learning e-commerce technology.

  • 2012 - MASK Center Shop is now make on PrestaShop 1.5 software
    Starting trading, look for new customers, rare toys, market study, real demands and is it ptofitable?

  • 2013 - Adding online payment as Paypal
    Real beginning of MASK Center shop activity, MASK Center Shop wins money now.

  • 2014 - MASK Center Shop turnover increases. It was a simple hobby, it becomes a professional opportunity : Looking for legal status in order to professionalize the activity.
    Dr Bias, IT expert and toy fan join the MASK Center Shop 

  • 2015 - MASK Center Shop becomes a legal business, we improve the website and online payment becomes autonomous and automatic.

  • 2017 - upgrade to PrestaShop 1.7

  • 2018 - Adding new way of payment by bankcard with PayPlug bank

  • 2020 - New design - Including responsive mode - Mondial Relay 100% automatic - A datacenter is make
    New shop : La Tentaclerie : A shop dedicated to all 80's and 90's toys
  • 2022 - New design on home page - Specially make for sensitive screens
    Adding new offers from international carrier. New service : Toys repair

Our team

  • Philippe MUNÔZ is "SCI Du Club 27" :
    Creator of MASK Center concept and MASK Center Shop manager
    E-site admin, customers relations responsible, buyer, trader.

  • Jacky GRANTOT iss "Dr BIAS" :
    Technical support, designer and web editor
    Expert and collection trader

Our rules : a passion, a way to think and do.

The aim of MASK Center Shop is to share our toy passion with fans, all other world, before selling... We respect very hardly all fans and try to do all the best for each order. We are collector before be seller and know what fans are looking for and wants.

  •  Our toys are strictly complete and authentic : No bad repair, no repro, no repaint (chrome or color)
    The stickers on toys are ALWAYS authentic too (We sell stickers only for customers)

  • Our parts, provided with our toy are strictly original parts.
    In some very rare condition, if not : It's clearly written on the itemfile.

  • We try to sell at fair prices and adjust price when it's possible , we study all the sales to be competitive. We prefer describe the item default avoiding deception than praise the quality.

  • 3D parts on MASK Center Shop are make to improve toys run, with very fair price, but we don't want to make "false parts" and flood the collection market.

  • So, we will understand that we refuse to sold parts as big lot (Professional dealer for example)

  • Our 3D parts are voluntarily different from orginal (Shape or color) avoiding mixing them with originals.

  • Our stickers are remake with friendly authorization of Hasbro France.

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